Lise Gagnon – Sudbury ON
Your nun’s pastry at Costco are fabulous. I even promote them to my family. I am disappointed that Costco in Sudbury no longer holds them in store.

Ken – Toronto
I bought a sugar and maple syrup pie at Metro and I find it simply delicious. Too bad they do not have more in store! I wish I could buy it year round.

Marguerite Prurdia – Ottawa customer
Very happy to have found the pecan and maple syrup pie at Metro in my small town. Thank you for producing it.

Carole Malewich – Windsor
Your maple syrup pie is FA-BU-LOUS!

Ottawa customer
Congratulations on your date squares. They remind me of those my mother did. Little or no preservatives. They are melting, so close to nature that even the pit I found reminds me of the one I always found in my mother’s homemade date squares. Continue to leave 1 pit per package, it proves that the dates are fresh.


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